We are glad that you are here! Here, you can find more information about this crossover, created by an infamous user, called Ronni22EDM!

Behind the CrossoverEdit

Pokemon + EDM is a crossover where EDM Producers are Pokemon instead. This crossover was first aired in 2012-2013, by J4keStanczak/WestQueenOfCircus, but in 2014-2015, it was co-owned by GameShrimp.

Then, in December 29th, 2016, Ronni22EDM decided to work on this crossover with new characters added, such as ExcisionTyrantrum, FeedMeGengar and KTNSwampert.

The newer ones are created back in March-April 2017, called KnifePartyAggron, DatsikGreninja and of course, the most overrated ones, PegboardNerdsSteelix and KnifePartyGengar.

Click here to see the Pokemon + EDM Character List.

Crossover Changes/UpdatesEdit

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